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Down The Mind Shaft...

...past hulking, rusting trains full of broken rocks, at the bottom where the elevator lies smashed to pieces, there are forgotten gems. The seams are gutted but in the dark a glimmer here and there betrays a little hope. We specialize in betraying hope down the mind shaft. This isn't Nihilism. Nihl was banished long ago, run out of town with his family in tow for failure to pay his mortgage. The house now wears a foreclosure sign in the colors of the local little league team.

In the town of Disarray there remains only one tourist attraction that brings in paltry tourist dollars—its museum. There alongside pickled body parts one can find orphaned graphics and shrunken potatoes that were once held against the chest to ward off the evils of the night, remnants of a time when superstition carried the day, when a fossil was a fearsome thing. But wait! They still do. Disarray though is more transgressive than those other towns that make up the continent of Out There—there is a tacit understanding amongst the citizens of this dreary place that though they may remain for ever misunderstood, they must keep speaking their minds.

Saturday, October 1, 2011